Our Philisophy
At TRIM, we strive to make a Cabernet Sauvignon using only the best fruit in California. The goal is to make a wine with concentrated fruit flavors and good acid balance without compromising on quality. By producing a wine with these complex attributes, we can bottle a wine that has early accessibility, but also has the potential to age in the bottle for years to come.

On Cabernet Sauvignon
TRIM Cabernet Sauvignon is a complex wine which will adorn the senses with elegant, sophisticated flavors and sensible value. With grapes sourced from the finest vineyards in California, TRIM offers aficionados the sensual pleasures of a rich, full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.

On Chardonnay
With our Chardonnay we strive to create the perfect balance of fruit and acidity with a light touch of oak.  This requires a keen eye when sourcing fruit and a subtle hand during the winemaking process.  We believe we got it right in our inaugural 2016 vintage.  It is an amazingly well balanced wine that we know you will thoroughly enjoy.

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